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Want to hear more about how we can help you save time and money?

Many businesses do not have a requirement for a full-time internal bookkeeper. Our bookkeeping service gives you access to highly qualified individuals who can provide you with the key reporting and compliance services that you require, without the burden of having to take on an employee.
We provide a full suite of bookkeeping services for clients who need to delegate this aspect of their business. This allows the business owners to focus not only on the core day to day operations but also for the strategic element of their business without having to endure the rigours of statutory and Revenue deadlines and compliance. You can choose to outsource all or part of your accounting requirements.

We will tailor a package to suit your company needs. The range of services offered include:

  •  Full bookkeeping services including all aspects of preparation and maintenance of payroll

  •  PAYE, VAT and RCT returns

  •  Accounts payable and credit control facilities

  •  Full telephone support for queries in relation to Payroll, Employment Legislation, VAT, Tax registration

  •  Advice in choosing the right Accounting Software packages for your business

  •  Set up of manual and computerised bookkeeping systems, cloud based systems

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